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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Spring is almost round the corner and if you are like any family that does spring cleaning, it is a lot of small things. Thankfully, we have created a checklist for you.


  • Clean refrigerator

  • Clean microwave

  • Wipe cabinets

  • Clean oven

  • Wash gas stove - including burner covers and wells

  • Discard expired spices and food

  • Clean drawersWash utensil trays

All Rooms

  • Wash baseboards in every room

  • Wash door ceilings in all rooms

  • Wash window sills, doors, and walls

  • Dust and clean blinds

  • Wash drapes and curtains

  • Wash windows

  • Dust light fixtures

  • Replace burnt light bulbs

  • Dust and wipe all mirrors

Living Room

  • Dust and wipe decorative items

  • Dust and wipe frames and cabinets

  • Vacuum all upholstery

  • Wash all throw pillows and blankets

  • Dust Furniture

  • Steam clean carpets

  • Shampoo Carpets (if needed)


  • Wash all bedding and pillows

  • Wash all bedding throws

  • Clean below the bed

  • Dust and rotate mattress


  • Clean and disinfect bath tub, sink, and potty

  • Wash bath mats, curtains, liners, and others

  • Throw old make up

  • Replenish First-aid box

  • Clean front porch and back deck

  • Unclog drains


  • Clean grill and patio furniture

  • Check shingles and gutters

  • Inspect sprinkler system

  • Trim plants, bushes

  • Plant flowers and plants

  • Add Mulch

  • Power wash exteriors


  • Trash expired medicines

  • Change batteries in clocks

  • Change batteries in fire alarms

  • Change batteries in carbon monoxide detectors

  • Untangle and organize wires

  • Make sure all electronics are plugged in

  • Put away all winter clothes and holiday decorations

  • Bring out spring and summer clothes

  • Clean and disinfect computers

  • Reseal Tiles, Grouts, and Others

  • Clean vents

Click on the buttons below in your mobile phone to download the checklist to FabFamApp:

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