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Baby Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Becoming a parent is a lovely experience but it can also be daunting. Almost every dad or mom can acknowledge the first time they experienced the labor pains, the nail biting guessing game of is it time or is it a false alarm. The checklist below is designed to help with at least one aspect of your anxiety as you get to a beautiful life on the other side, which is what to pack for labor room?

Packing List For Mom

  • Pack nightgown and bathrobe

  • Pack slippers

  • Pack bra and nursing bra

  • Pack breast pads

  • Pack socks (several pairs)

  • Pack underwear (several)

  • Pack hair tier

  • Pack toiletries

  • Pack comfortable and lose fitting clothes

Packing for For New Born

  • Pack going home baby outfit

  • Pack receiving blanket

  • Pack warm clothing

  • Pack baby hat (if needed)

  • Fit baby car seat (Important - it is the law)

Packing list for the Partner

  • Carry money to park

  • Pack camera (or) Find Photographer

  • Pack books and magazines

  • Pack electronic tablet

  • Create music play lis

  • tCarry phones and chargers

  • Pack clothes (at least a pair)

Packing for Labor Coach (optional - if you avail one)

  • Pack stop watch

  • Pack snacks and drinks

  • Massage rollers, oils, and focal point


  • Carry health insurance card

  • Carry hospital pre-admission papers

  • Carry birth preferences (if any)

  • Carry pregnancy medical file

  • Create contact information of friends/families

  • Finalize baby name

Click on the buttons below in your mobile phone to download the checklist to FabFamApp:

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